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Brunton Hydrogen Reactor review by Anthony N.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. The New Award Winning Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is a highly technical device that’s about the size of a digital camera, … [Read More...]


Benchamde Griptilian Review by Tom M.

The Benchmade Griptilian is a lightweight knife that lives up to Benchmade’s durability standards. The Griptilian’s plastic handle may not have … [Read More...]

All About Tuffpak Gun Case

More About Tuffpak Gun CaseTuffpak™

No other case comes close when you want a single case to do it all. One rifle, jeans, socks, boots, shirts, a change of underclothes and a parka . . .no problem. Three shotguns, two rifles and a cleaning kit . . .no problem. This is a revolutionary new way of paking for your trip. Tuffpak will help you get everything from here to there safely and with less baggage.

Click here to learn all about the Tuffpak™ Gun Case.

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Pelican Storm im2200 (PWC-M9-2-BK) Pistol Case Review

The Pelican Storm im2200 is perfect for carrying multiple (up to four) pistols.  Whether I’m going to the range or traveling, it keeps my weapons … [Read More...]


Pelican 1750 Case Review

Pelican 1750 Case Review by Tom M.   The Pelican 1750 case is the ideal case for travel and storage for your long rifles and other … [Read More...]

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Pelican 2760 LED Headlamp review

Pelican 2760 LED Headlamp review by Anthony N. Pelican has been coming out with a lot of new headlights over the last 12 months with most of them … [Read More...]

Fenix TK51

Fenix TK51 Review – by Anthony N.

Fenix has done it again, they have come out with another unique flashlight and this one has a very useful feature, it is the individually controlled … [Read More...]

Surefire 2211

Surefire 2211 WristLight Review by Anthony N.

Surefire 2211 The Surefire 2211 is a tactical flashlight that you wear on your wrist. The 2211 is made of aerospace-aluminum so it is light and … [Read More...]

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Nite Ize Gear Line

Nite Ize Gear Line Review

Reviewed by Annette R. I decided to purchase this item because of how creative it looked. Seemed like a good idea to string it up and have items … [Read More...]

Buck Reaper

Buck Reaper review

Buck Reaper Review by Anthony N. My review today is on the Buck Reaper, this survival/tactical knife is new for 2013 and is made in the USA. … [Read More...]


Streamlight Siege Review

The new Siege lantern by Streamlight is a must have in your camping gear, preppers kit and in the garage. The Siege will have both a white and a … [Read More...]

Surefire Maximus

Surefire Maximus 500 Lumen LED Headlamp

The SureFire Maximus™ rechargeable variable-output LED headlamp delivers an amazing 500 lumens of light—enough to illuminate your entire campsite. … [Read More...]

Real Avid Turkey Tool

Real Avid Turkey Tool

Real Avid has a multi-tool specifically designed for Turkey Hunters and it is called the Turkey Tool. If you are a avid turkey hunter than you might … [Read More...]

Gerber Flik Fish

Gerber’s New FliK Fishing Tool is a Fishing Specific Multi-Tool

The FliK Fishing Tool includes long needle-nose pliers for quick and easy removal of hooks. Finally, a multi-tool designed specifically for … [Read More...]

Pack it in a Tuffpak Gun Case

What to pack for your safari

What to Pack? Jambo!  You are off on the greatest adventure ever. It is 15,000 miles away and there are no corner convenience stores, gunsmiths, … [Read More...]

5 Essential Tools for the Scuba Diving Enthusiast

Scuba diving is in an immensely rewarding experience. Whether you’re new at it or you’ve been doing it for years, each dive never fails to amaze. … [Read More...]

Hunting Guide / Baggage Handler chooses Tuffpak™

Dear Tuffpak, Thanks for your help.  The disk arrived a couple of days ago and I selected a couple of images that will probably work. I'm a … [Read More...]

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