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Brunton Hydrogen Reactor review by Anthony N.


Brunton Hydrogen Reactor. The New Award Winning Brunton Hydrogen Reactor is a highly technical device that’s about the size of a digital camera, combines hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity that will power electronic devices like cameras, smartphones, GPS, flashlights and tablets via a standard USB output. The Hydrogen Reactor uses small removable Hydrocores which contain hydrogen as the Reactor’s source of energy. Once the Hydrocore is fully inserted and screwed into place by the user the Reactor’s hydrogen reacts with oxygen and produces an output of 5v 2amps, enough to recharge your smart phone fully 3 times with each … [Read more...]

Benchamde Griptilian Review by Tom M.


The Benchmade Griptilian is a lightweight knife that lives up to Benchmade’s durability standards. The Griptilian’s plastic handle may not have the classic sturdy feel like some other knives from Benchmade, but after a few months use I have come to appreciate the plastic feel and it definitely does not sacrifice quality and durability. I’m not losing any performance with the plastic handle, but it does shed some weight and the difference is noticeable when I pick up some of my older knives. The blade is made of 154cm steel at 58-60HRC hardness. The blade length is 3.45” giving it a standard mid-size folding knife feel. The pocket … [Read more...]

Pelican CE2180 iPad Air Case Review


Pelican CE2180 iPad Air Case Review by Tom M. If you have an iPad Air you know just how thin it is.  You also know its value and that it needs sturdy protection.  Pelican doesn’t have to prove how much protection its cases provide.  The Pelican Vault CE2180 iPad Air case lives up to the Pelican name.  The vault gets its name because it literally locks your iPad in place.  8 allen-head screws detach front plate from the case, the iPad is then placed inside, and the screws replace the front plate locking the iPad into place.  The plate creates a seal around the edge of the iPad, keeping dust from accumulating around the screen and … [Read more...]

CRKT Onion Survival Para-Saw Bracelet Review


CRKT Onion Survival Para-Saw Bracelet Review by Tom M. The CRKT survival bracelet is a must have accessory for hiking, camping, or hunting. It keeps me prepared and outdoor fashionable. I hope I don’t ever have to unravel the paracord to actually use it, and the survival saw that’s woven inside, but it’s nice to know I have it just in case. Perhaps my favorite parts of CRKT’s take on the popular survival bracelets are the accessory options. My accessory of choice is the bottle opener that slides over the bracelet. It is low profile and it works like a charm. Usually when I’m enjoying the outdoors, the worst bind I find myself in … [Read more...]

Thermacell Heated Insole Review


Thermacell Heated Insole - Reviewed by Tom M. If your outdoor activities put you outside in the cold, you need the ThermaCell heated insoles.  They can either slide on top of the existing sole in the shoe or they can replace the existing sole entirely.  In the past, I’ve used the 8-hour foot/hand warmer pouches that you break open and shake to activate.  The problem with these is that they often get very hot when they are first activated, and they only warm one small area of the boot I’m wearing.  ThermaCell solved this problem with evenly dispersed heat throughout the sole of the boot.                The … [Read more...]

Under Armour Valstez Review


Under Armour Valstez Review by Anthony N.   The Under Armour Valsetz Boots are first of all a very stylish pair of boots, they look cool and tough at the same time. The first thing you notice when you pick a pair up is how light they are and when you put them on it feels like you have a pair of athletic shoes on.  I’ve been wearing a pair of Valsetz for the last couple of weeks and have nothing but positive things to say about them, they are very comfortable when standing or walking with a very well cushioned heel and when you need to break into a run they have the flexibility and grip like a running shoe, the breathability is … [Read more...]

Gerber Bear Grylls Bracelet Review


Gerber Bear Grylls Bracelet Review by Annette R. I bought this item because I was intrigued and through it would come in handy down the road. It’s a bracelet made with 12ft of grey and orange paracord and has an easy, one hand cinch system to adjust the size. Also comes with a whistle that nicely tucks into the bracelet; which was extremely loud. It was pretty comfortable on but needed to break it in for a bit because of the slight stiffness. If you don’t think it would look “Cool” on, just keep it in the glove box of your car or in your camp bag/ purse just in case you get lost or stranded in the middle of nowhere. I … [Read more...]

Pelican Storm im2200 (PWC-M9-2-BK) Pistol Case Review


The Pelican Storm im2200 is perfect for carrying multiple (up to four) pistols.  Whether I’m going to the range or traveling, it keeps my weapons secure and safe from damage.  At first glance, it looks like it only holds two pistols, but when you lift the first layer of foam, there is another layer identical to it underneath.  With finger holes on the sides, the top layer easily lifts off to expose the pistols underneath.  The size of the case is very compact when you consider that it holds four pistols.  The custom foam is perhaps the best feature of the case.  Instead of the standard pick n’ pluck from Pelican, this im2200 has … [Read more...]

Gerber Impromptu Pen Review


Gerber Impromptu Pen review by Annette I was excited when Gerber came out with their own “Tactical Pen”. I have seen other models from Surefire which are very expensive or from Fury that look very cheap. The Gerber pen felt great in my hand. Nice balance and a good weight to it. It’s a matte black color, stainless steel body which looks very sleek and professional. Very nice design to it with a pocket clip and I really liked the click button feature which clicks very smoothly. There is also an integrated glass breaker at the base that can come in handy. The pen itself writes nicely. Not as smooth as the Surefire pen, but that … [Read more...]

Pelican 2760 LED Headlamp review


Pelican 2760 LED Headlamp review by Anthony N. Pelican has been coming out with a lot of new headlights over the last 12 months with most of them being somewhat job specific but their latest Headlight the 2760 is the one that looks to cover all your headlamp needs. The 2760 is definitely the coolest looking of all the Pelican Headlights, it comes in 3 different colors, white, black and translucent red and has a nice stealth low profile look. The 2760 runs on 3 AAA batteries that are included and has 4 different settings of brightness, you have a super bright 133 lumens on high that can run for 2 hours and 15 minutes, 90 lumens on low that … [Read more...]