Streamlight Protac HL – Review

Streamlight’s ProTac series of flashlights has just been upgraded by a new addition to their family, it is the new ProTac HL and the HL stands for High Lumens. Streamlights new ProTac HL has 600 Lumens to offer and let me say these are real ANSI standard Lumens we are talking about. This is a very impressive small flashlight measuring just under 5.5” and weighing only 5.6 oz. with batteries inside. The ProTac HL uses two 3 volt 123 lithium batteries and can run on high (600 Lumens) for 1 hour and 15 minutes and on Low (33 Lumens) for 18 hours. The ProTac HL also offers 3 different program settings which are Ten-Tap Programmable which means in order to change to a different setting all you need to do is tap the tail cap switch 9 times and hold it down on the 10th and once the light turns off you let go of the switch and when you turn it back on it will be on the next setting. The three settings are Hi-Strobe-Lo, Hi Only and Lo-Hi but the only feature you need to know about the ProTac HL is 600 LUMENS.

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