All About Tuffpak™ (Tuffpak-101)

Tuffpak™ has many different uses and applications.

Find out all about the Tuffpak™ and its uses in this section of Nalpak’s Learning Center.

One reason for its versatility is how it’s made. This is a “tuff” case that’s packed with features (right down to the carefully selected blend of plastics used in every case)!

This section tells all about how we do it, one Tuffpak™ at a time.

So many uses and applications we don’t dare tell you this is “The List” but we’ll highlight three main categories here.

Yes, we know there are many other uses you’ve discovered for Tuffpak™ and we enjoy getting your letters and photos. Send them in and we’ll gladly tell the world what you’re protecting with it (like the professional pool/billiards players that use it to protect their cues!).

This is how it all began. Tuffpak’s history and where it was born.

Yep. Lifetime guarantee.
This is the last time you’ll have to buy a replacement case.

Tuffpak is Guaranteed for Life