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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I measure for the right Tuffpak™
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In order to correctly measure for your own tripod, it’s important to know what’s inside.

Each Tuffpak™ for Television & Broadcast use comes with 2″ of foam glued into the lid and another 2″ foam piece pressed into place beneath several detents that are molded into the base of each case. The Bottom piece of foam has a round plastic disk glued to it to prevent the feet on the tripod’s legs from tearing up the foam prematurely.

Also important to know is that the lid on a Tuffpak is designed to telescope up to 5″ to accomodate nearly any tripod.

Each case’s model number is indicative of it’s dimensions. They follow the format TP-XXYY where XX is the diameter in inches (at the tightest part of the case by the handles) and YY is the suggested minimum transport length for the tripod you want to carry in it.

The usuable inside length of the case is about 2″ shorter than the outside because of the foam. While there is 4″ of foam (including top and bottom) we fugure 50% compression for each piece. 

Let’s use the Tuffpak™ model TP-1124 as an example of what we mean

Interior diameter at the smallest point:  11″
Actual Interior length w/ lid fully closed:  26″
Usable Interior length w/ lid fully closed:  24″
Usable Interior telescoping length:  24″ – 29″


So if you measure your tripod and it’s between 24″ & 29″ long for travel and no larger than 11″ in diameter, the Tuffpak™ model TP-1124 is the right case.

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