Tuffpak™ Sport FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Tuffpak™ at the Airport

Looks – Is this a gun case?

The first and most obvious thing about the Tuffpak™ that makes it stand out from the rest is the fact that in a line-up of gun cases it really would stand out. It doesn’t look like any other gun case. In a baggage claim area, however, it blends right in. In that setting it’s the “traditional” style of gun case that will draw quite a bit of attention.

Most travelers will recognize a “normal” gun case and wonder what kind of guns are in it and what the owner is going to do with them. Most of us have felt the stares of onlookers as we lugged a gun case through the airport. If it were possible, most of us would gladly avoid this part of airline travel. The Tuffpak™ makes it possible.

The Tuffpak™, with its discrete appearance, will eliminate the judgmental stares from prejudiced people. It will also not be a target for thieves, vandals or baggage handlers who think they’re “Saving the World” if they damage or destroy all the guns that come their way.

Tuffpak™ is a Multi-Tasker

Most folks think the Tuffpak™ has golf clubs in it. (It could! The Tuffpak™ holds a regular 9″ stand bag.) We’ve also heard of customs agents who have seen a hunters Tuffpak™ and assumed it had a Motion Picture or Television Cameras tripod in it and decided not to examine the case further. (Nalpak has been selling different variations of the Tuffpak™ for 15 years to the Motion Picture and Television industries to transport high-end tripods around the world.)

Tuffpak™ = Discreet Gun Case = Added Security